Collection: Magnalube-G

Magnalube-G PTFE Grease is a high-temp grease that will outlast conventional grease lubricants. Magnalube-G is a non-soap elastomer/PTFE lubricating grease formulated with the highest quality raw materials. Magnalube-G has a unique formula that molecularly binds PTFE with polyurea for superior performance in a wide range of applications. The grease will prevent breakdowns, and extend operating intervals in most cases. It is fortified with a number of proprietary additives that inhibit rust and oxidation as well as giving added resistance to extreme pressure. Magnalube-G has a dropping point of well over 500°F. It performs well in harsh environments, especially when users want to avoid migration and water washout. This is a superb all-purpose grease, and is often found to solve problems that other greases cannot.